Saturday, August 20, 2005

Session 5179

Sometimes not having much expectation works to my advantage. I was not so sure if there is anywhere that would catch current 185 degree south swells, and given the past few days without much in the way of good surfable waves, I decided to drive further south this morning. It was a type of morning that required an intermittent wiper on. After driving for half an hour or so, the sky opened up with the sun in the sky. It was also the spot that I originally planned to be.

The spot was not happening much but once every 3-5 minutes some sets rolled in, so I said "might as well" and got in, and also the wind was going on an offshore direction. At least the S swell was doing something here, and the extremely low tide turning to the incoming tide made me really hopeful.

As for today's lesson, today my wave selection and positioning technique was suffering quite a bit. On smaller days, there are fewer sweet spots and obviously they are always owned by few good surfers who would catch every darn wave that come. But still once in a while the chances for me to catch good waves do come and I do catch but I feel like my timing needs more adjustment as well as positioning. Specifically today, I was too far out more than usual. One of the right waves was perfect, I was right in the pocket and just barely going faster than the closing wave on my butt and my arm folded in a bit so that I don't touch the wall.

I don't know if you noticed this or not, but there is one interesting thing I noticed a while ago and I meant to write about. It is about how to wind goes over the wave, and when I go over the waves or when I am taking off on an offshore situation, I can definitely feel the whiff of more wind blowing against the wave. It is an interesting experience to me.

Totally changing the subject, but this week I did an experiment to see whether going through Sharp Park Road or going around Serramonte on 280/1 junction to Pacifica makes any faster. The result was surprising. Even though the distance to cover on the freeway only route is much more, it is still 2 minutes sooner. Sharp Park took exactly 10 minutes to get over to the Sharp Park freeway entrance from the Westborough exit. Whereas it took almost exactly 8 minutes on the freeway only route. Something to keep in mind.

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