Monday, August 22, 2005

Session 5180. The Size Does Not Matter

Calling my buddies up at 6:15 AM is fun. "Hey Dog Haus, get your butts out of da bed, put your shit together and come on out!" I can almost see that he is rolling in his bed trying to turn off the ringer. But he did get out the bed, threw his two boards on the truck bed and that's all what matters instead of what he was doing.

Surf was rather disorganized this morning, but as usual we don't really care so long as there are surfable peaks we'd go and work on them? small or larger. We can often be the measuring sticks in which other surfers would decide to come in or not. It is often the case that, "Hey I saw you guys catching waves so I decided to go." Dog Haus can handle the outside and the inside, I can always handle the inside if it is too difficult to make it to the outside? like this morning when a lot of chops will just crush down one wave after another. But by now, we've all figured out the local rip current patterns, so we just go and ride those out.

And as for the surf, it was a lot of fun both the inside and outside. Definitely the waves are on the junky side if it was left up to other peoples' opinions. And yes, there were a couple of overhead sets in the mix too to catch. I have written in various past occasions but when the waves are junky like today, the surf landscape changes from groomed giant slalom hills to mogul hills. These are so much fun to corner around from one bump to another, and give a lot of chance to pick the lines and make quick turns. Quick turns are just a lot of fun too because these bumps do build up into rather steep faces. Just like skiing on the mogul hills this is where the use of the knees do play a lot in having a lot of fun or wipe outs followed by waves closing out on me. And skiing the bumps was one of my favorite things in my college days. I hated that once in a while they come out with the groomer and flatten the hills. Then we had to wait for two days, and we used to ski really rough on these surfaces so that bumps would form.

And you know what? My college time ski buddy from the Upper Michigan just called me on the other day. We will have a lot of catching up to do!

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