Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Session 5171

This afternoon, I opted for an afternoon session only to find out that everyone who said going to come flaked out. Posers!

A nice thing about this is that I can catch the breaks and waves I WANT. And I went back to the Sandbox.

I must say though I do like these PM glass offs because I can take the waves at a much relaxed pace, no office and meeting time to meet. I just catch waves until I don't want to any more!


Small not so manly waves - who cares
Wearing a helmet - who cares
Catching the inside and outside - who cares. I caught a ton of waves.
Too floaty, too long of a short board - who cares

It's fun and that's all counts.

By the way, the guy who had a full hood (the kind attaches to the suit). Take it off man, It?s August! We got 59 degrees water today. It's not Juno here.

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