Saturday, August 06, 2005

Session 5168

Here is the continuation from my previous WavLog first.

Well, as it turned out that Thursday was officially my last day as an employee at the company I have started to build. It was recently bought by another company, and it beame official on Thursday. So that evening I ended up working 2 am in the morning to switch everything over from voice mail greetings, instructions to people on how to switch company names and email signatures etc. It was nearly a 6-year journey from 3-people office to something like 150 people company, and now we are a part of a company that is something in the order of several hundred thousand people.

As such as day, the nice fun waves were really a nice reward and treat for me, and it really came at the right time to make that day really memorable.

[b]Fast Forward to Saturday Morning.[/b]

Some weekends I have to pay my dues and sometimes they all come at once. Today was basically that kind of a day. There were two local Surfrider chapter related events, a beach cleanup in the morning and a support for the Nor Cal Women's Surf Club fund raiser. So I decided to invite my friends to take part in any part of it today with me. Well, it is always the case that people don't like to show up on beach cleanups. Understandable. Who want to pick up other people's mess let alone your own? However there are people who do and that was good.

Next things was my favorite part, eat lunch and surf. It was good to meet with Ren, she is continuing to improve her long boarding skills. She was getting some long left rides.

The waves were really fun today. It was really perfect because the sets don't continuously roll through so there was a plenty of chance to get out, and when they come they are not really nice and soft today allowing me to easily catch waves and they were breaking further out helping me get very long rides on some rides.

Today I could really be able to stay on the face of the wave and connect sections through cut backs. Also I practiced a lot on building speed through the bottom turns. Well when it is breaking further out, there is a plenty of time to do this, and when the waves are breaking in different sections that's even more fun!

There are two additional things I have realized today.

When I started to surf, I was really frustrated that other people are taking so many waves not allowing me to catch any, and I was wondering if this is a skill thing or aggressive thing. I think there is a little bit of both but like today, I was able to catch a lot of waves before others caught them, and I was not acting very aggressively, but I was strategically picking spots and predicting the next break and that helped a lot.

Second finding is that when I can get outside ducking through waves and using other techniques with an ease, I can also catch the waves at ease. In contrast to this, on bigger and junky days, I can hardly duck through and get out, then catching the waves even if I made the outside is usually very hard.

The event at El Rio was fun. I danced with the StokeMasters Girls Surf Team members today and music and food was good. It is amazing that they can pull off these events!

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