Sunday, October 31, 2004

Session 4.213: Waddell Stoke 10!

Got up this morning and checked my web site for the swell conditions. The swells has gotten several feet bigger and the period, now it is from NW at 9 ft at 14 seconds minimum. Plus there is a forecast of higher wind, so I decided to try Waddell Creek this morning.

First checkpoint is Pescadero on the way. When the highway goes through the high cliff area you can see if the swells are in, and if they are small or big. I was afraid of this, but the waves were rather big going at least 1.5 overhead. Shortly after, I pass the Pigeon point, and the waves were not too big there.

More anticipation of conditions as I drive down the coast. Finally I arrive at Waddell Creek, and a sign of relief, the waves were just perfect size and shape for me!

Surfing here was a lot of fun this morning. The sky was just crystal clear and there was hardly any wind, and the water was still warm. There were many good shoulders that were happening.

I took out the Equalizer and off I go paddle out.

Unlike the other day when I took out my long board, getting out was still difficult but with duck dive and the lighter board, I could make it out without a problem.

The waves were not hard breaking so it was a lot of fun to get in the shoulder and catch waves practicing turns. I really love the feel of the JC 7.5 board in this condition, because it allows me to catch waves confidently, and when I am up on the board, as soon as I shift my weight it really responds well by allowing me to do bottom turns and cut backs. It was just a perfect morning for my skill level!

As the tide came up the wave gotten significantly smaller, many people started to leave and by the time I was out, there were but a few cars in the lot. It was really nice sunny morning just to relax and look at the beach before heading back.

Stoke 10: Could not have asked for more!

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