Saturday, October 09, 2004

Session 4.197: DP Before the Classic. Good thing I am not in it!

For me it was a "business as usual" Dawn Patrol (DP) session. Since the HMB classic selected the Jetty, that's probably also a best bet for my own surfing. So I was one of the first ones to get in the water.

On boy, after I had to go through what I had to, and seen other people try basically the same, I was really glad I did not sign up this year. Only just a few people were managing to get into the wave. Everything was closing out big white break-your-board mess.

As the time went by more and more people arrived and paddled up to the lineup. The lineups separated into two and then three packs and spread out all the way from the breakwater to the traffic light and even further down. Meanwhile the condition worsened as the wave started pump more and more overhead closeouts. By the time before the contest started the place looked like the Hook on a bad day.

On the way back, some local surfers are joking to each other. "Why are you waxing the board, you won't stand on it!" He was probably right.

But, looking at surfers not fearing much better than I was, it was sort of assuring (sorry), and I think I am going to go for the next year's event. That's less than 10 months now. So watch this space for my progress.

Hope the wave gets better tomorrow.

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