Saturday, October 02, 2004

Session 4.191: More small day, BBQ Event

Today we did our second Stokemasters BBQ event at Linda Mar, which was a lot of fun with a relatively warm and clear night, and also we got this down since the last time so it was not as stressful.

Many of the core Stokemaster friends did also come to paddle out with us, and it was also great to see so many people. Just a year ago, I did not know any of these people but they are now all my friends for surfing.

As for surfing the waves were small and close at Linda Mar just like yesterday and probably even smaller, but practicing taking off on a short baord was really fun, as I got more and more success at it. The timing and the power of it has been really improving giving me more chance to take off when others are not. Also I started not to mind the crowded condition not like before, as I built up more confidnce in turning at various part of the ride from the very start to the end. I used to think how all these people get to take off, but now I think I am gradually getting there!

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