Saturday, October 16, 2004

Session 4.203 DP @ Pleasure Point

We picked Aptos for our home during our annual pumpkin Getaway weekend. Usually we go to Santa Barbara to surf Rincon or Ventura, but this year we made a plan to go to Fort Bragg only to find out an increasing amount of Shark festivities there, so we quickly changed the stay to SC.

For Saturday, I was determined to be pre-dawn at the 41 st parking. Still pitch dark, already the parking was half full. People are dedicated! As I walked out to the lookout point, I could still not see a thing, only hint I got was the decent amount of wave breaking noise. So I started to dress for surfing, and by then the sky was light enough that I could check out the breaks. After a few minutes of hesitation to either to go to the Hook or the 38th, I opted for the 38th.

Nice, no wind paddle out makes me feel like I can go so fast on each stroke, and I arrived at the inside break. I watched a few good long board people taking off but take-off spot was very small and already people were competing for the waves. Since I was on a shorter board, I decided not to wait in the inside and get in their way... or more like not let them collide with me. I started paddle out a long way to the Pleasure Point peaks. There, the breaks were stronger than the inside and of course they are bigger too. I waited on the side line for a bit to see how the situation was, but this spot was still small and even more intensely competitive.

So I watched some good surfer take off, and headed back to inside. By then the bay had filled in and breaks were happening much less, and that was the extent of Saturday.

I got a lot of workouts paddling all the way out and back though.

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