Thursday, May 27, 2004

Session 4093: One more week to go for 100 days of surfing this year. Nice glassy mellow DP.

When I get up in the morning, I usually need about 10 minutes for my head to fully boot up (still boots up faster than my XP though), and I usually check e-mails and also my own StokeConsole page for any changes in the condition overnight. It is kind of amazing that there are people accessing my web site somewhere from this small planet that the site actually never sleeps. It is a small planet especially if we think about the swells arriving from one corner of the planet to another in just a matter of a week. Should our planet be much bigger, it could be that the swells might take months or even years to arrive, and a notion of overseas travel vacation can also be counted in months and years.
As for the condition, today was the continued downward trend that started yesterday.
This mooring enjoyed the solitude of just having lots of waves to myself immensely and being relaxed getting outside as it was rather calm today. These baby pop-up breaks are really fun to get on with the fish board that now it is becoming my favorite board.
Technically, I have been focusing on being determined to be taking off if I decide to take off and try not to backing off, which for whatever the reasons I started to become either more choosy or more timid lately. The take offs have become more committed, but then quite often I slip out of the board, so the getting up action need to be more fast powered, decisive and committed, and perhaps a bit more smoother. I have had lots of goofy waves have not been my favorite, so that's another hurdle too.
Today was the session number 4093, that means that I have surfed 93 days so far this year so 7 more days of surfing and I would have been in the water for 100 times this year. I actually had one double session recently so technically I only need to go 6 more times, and it is coming close to June so we are almost half way around this year. Hopefully I can put in 200 days or more of surfing this year, and also looks like, at this rate, I can achieve the goal of mastering a full "Roundhouse Cutback" by the end of this year. I just need to do it only once!

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