Sunday, May 09, 2004

Session 4080: Analysis of Fear

Saturday was kind of a mellow day for surf as it was in an transition period
from one S swells to the next. So not much to write about in terms of actual

Lately I am back in the mode of thinking about all sorts of fear we have in
ourselves, and especially relating to surfing, of course. This is probably a
start of a serious of logs that I will be making.

So in terms of fears that we have within ourselves, I think we can classify
them in to various categories today and then later on I would like to
develop more thoughts on each of the category like how they happen and how
they can be mitigated. I am listing them in the order of most severe to less
(in my opinion).

The fear of losing life
The fear of getting hurt or parts of your body functions lost.
The fear of getting in a fight with someone (may link to above)
The fear of losing friends or jobs
The fear of looking bad to others