Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Session 4082: Back in the water.

Good thing I did not make a commitment to go for 10480 days (or whatever it
is) of surfing (There is an article on Dale Webster finally finishing his
goal on this month's Surfer Mag.) Even I do not surf if the conditions do
not look fun. But checked the wind report and I was ready to go. Probably
should have gone to the Jetty, but I committed to meet with Jen and Ken so
there I was, getting ready to go in at 6:30 AM.

I am back on my Arrow 7'6 board.

This morning was still junky as there are a lot of short period local wind
swells coming in, paddling, ducking, paddling and looking behind, I am still
not making much progress. I hate that when that happens, then finally the
last white water, gets out to the calmness of the "outside!"

I am making a note to myself for the future, but in the past few months I am
definitely making some progress on short-board style turns. Still the wave
selection sucks and so is consistent take offs so I actually it is the take
offs that I need to really work on. As for the take-offs, I am getting in
much better shape and that allows me to apply a lot more power in take off

Only 4 of us out in the area I was surfing so I was really happy about that.

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