Monday, May 24, 2004

Session 4090: Yeah! Out 90 days already. Good moral booster this morning.

Well, it is probably the first time in Linda Mar in about 2 weeks at least. But this morning was fun to get back and paddle into endless white washes, the close outs to the calm of the outside where nothing happens. But I caught several reforms and that was great. The wind was calm, it was calmer than the forecasts, so that was great too. Wish the tide was a bit higher then it would have been a bit better.
This morning's thought was that I should stop comparing myself to other better surfers. I have started to doing that and it was not good for my stoke health because to be honest I am not going to become as good as the best people out there. Instead, I should really focus on enjoying myself, and by doing so I think I will probably get better faster...
Well, so I am determined to have some more fun tomorrow morning!
Just shut up and surf!

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