Saturday, May 01, 2004

Session 4074: From El Porto, LA County

I am writing this from the Sea View Inn in Manhattan Beach. I am riding on someone else's wireless network in the neighborhood, but it is working (thanks whoever).
As it turns out this small motel is located right at El Porto, so I just walk down three flights of stairs down the hill to get to the beach and there, it is the El Porto!
The swells have not been so good today, but in spite of what I thought of the LA area it is so wide spread that the place was totally non-crowded. I am telling you, it is less crowded than in HMB. I am amazed. But the sets are not holing up and just fizzling out at the moment. It is a bit choppy today with a bit of onshore condition going.   I was able to rip a few but not much, and not very many other people were ripping her either.
But it was nice, and the water was 60 F... still requires a wet suit but no booties or gloves required. The main reason we are here is to see Wendy's friend's play, and that's tomorrow so I will set up a quick session in the morning. Of all the places we have been to (except for camping) this is the first place where I walk from the hotel to surf. It is kind of cool. Manhattan beach area is really nice too.
Hope all of you are having fun in NC.

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