Friday, September 03, 2004

Sessions 4.169 A and B - Pay Off, West Maui Wayside Parks

It is nice that Maui has so many wayside beach parks. All of them have great parking spots and also nice breaks. Many of them have showers too. Today I stopped at Ukumehame park in the morning and Launipoko park in the afternoon with a lunch break. Yes, it is almost like a job. I showed up at the first beach at 9 a.m. took a 30 minutes lunch and then went back to Launipoko park in the afternoon and with 3-hour surfing each.

This is supposed to be a labor day holiday but both places were so remarkablly uncrowded and with only a few locals and also tourist surfers, I had so many waves to catch. Especially in the afternoon, the condition was just right for me to do mega-catch session on fairly small sets but just one after another as the paddle out time was enough for the next sets to come in.

Today I have felt that all these training sessions in the past two years have really paid off to allow me to ride these vacation waves. There is no struggles paddling out, and I am catching the waves I want to catch and enjoying these long relaxing rides. On these rides, I am not even thinking too hard about how to improve the rides, I am just enjoying the rides like the locals.

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