Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Session 4.177: More closeout condition... but

The waves were still on closed out mostly today, but I think I am making a bit more progress to take off on waves that are coming down faster; paddle really hard and fast, and get up as quick as I can. Easy said than done though, but my paddling strength is getting better than ever so I am taking off into smaller but fast drop waves than ever too. One thing stopped happening is that the board is not slipping away from me like I used to. That probably means that I am starting to take control of the board sooner.

In one wave I caught, I was moving so much faster than I have experienced that I was barly riding it. I knew I was not really controlling the board but I was totally up and finished the ride. So it looks like if I kept at it I would get used to the speed and take advantage of the power. At this rate more paddling speed and power is required for me to set up to be confident in the situation. In the after thought, actually it was a lot of fun to be in that situation. Instead of usual tumbling and hold downs, I was actually riding the very wave that have caused these issues.

Hope this condition continues some more so I can challenge myself a bit.

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