Thursday, September 09, 2004

Maui Session 4.174: Final Session at the Cove

Wendy wanted to try surfing again. We went to Kalama Park in Kihei where the waves are fun and gentle. Wendy tried to learn how to kneel on the board and also tried to paddle to take off. It is still difficult to get up on the board but she had fun. I caught several waves from the outside. Waves were only hip high but with a lot of paddling I got a couple of long rides and it was a gentle and fun day to conclude the last day of surfing in Maui!

It is kind of sad to leave the water of Hawai'i to head home at the same time, I am looking forward to surf more familiar home breaks, and I am happy to know that there are waves to look foward to in California instead of always wanting to surf in Hawai'i.

The cold water is invigorating and I have made a lot of good surfing friends!

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