Saturday, September 25, 2004

Session 4.187: SC with Co-workers

From time to time, people at work ask about surfing. It took about two months of announcements at the office memos etc., then in the end there has been no commitment from people to come since I had to collect money in advance to reserve the instruction. This goes to say that surfing does require a quite a bit of commitment to do. Most other recreational sports require time commitment.

So there was only one person from work and her friend still wanted to go, so we decided to go to Santa Cruz.

Well, the waves on the way to Santa Cruz looked great, but in Santa Cruz it was not much. It is true that if Pigeon point is not breaking, then Santa Cruz is questionable.

But there still are waves to surf and we had a some fun small waves to practice catching waves.

A couple of things I noticed today when people are learning surfing.
  • People tend to paddle with their weight too far back on the board. I also saw another person doing this to scoot up a bit, and his response was "I am too tired." Somehow it give people impression that paddling in the back of the board is easier.
  • People tend not to start paddling early enough. I think this timing is difficult. Actually if you are looking at experienced surfers, they don't paddle as long because they have the strength. May be some people try to imitate that.
Based on this, I am going to update my beginner's page.

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