Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Maui Session 4.172: Lahania Again

Did not surf Monday. Went around the East Maui from the South after eating lunch at Haliimaile General Store, then took the Pilani Hwy through the southern edge of the East Maui to Hana. On the way to Hana we came to Hamoa beach where it was breaking really cool but also it was very intense so I decided not to go, but I did bring back some video footage.

Tuesday, we went back up towards Lahaina to find a spot.

Checked out the Olowalu spot. Nice spot but there was nobody out and also shark warning was posted so decided not to go.

Ended up at the Lahaina Breakwater again because other sports were not breaking. Not as good as the first time I was there but still had a lot of fun catching one wave after another of up to chest high breaks.

After the lunch, we went up to Honolua bay, but it was completely flat (video coming).

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