Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Session 4.183: Untitled

I often ponder whether writing and sharing my surfing experience is a good thing or bad thing to do. I think that the opinion will likely split. Personally, there is some incentive for me to keep writing because there are at least a few people I know who are looking forward to reading them for what it's worth. I am actually appreciative of them. Of couse, this is one of the ways my wife can dicover what I am up to. At leas this gives here some additional information on top of daily interactions. I am actually not a very good communicator vocally. It has been an issue since when I was very young. My mom always told me that her neighbor girl will tell everything that has happend at the school and I never divulge anything that has happend. I was already into corporate proprietaryship back then. If I had that women (yeah, ok, the person) in my company, our IPO plan could have been in a big danger, right?

Why am I bringing this up? Because now several decades later I am now divluging everything that goes with my surfing experience. I am sure my mom would be happy to hear about it, only that she does not understand English so that is how I am still keeping a good part of my life a big secret to my mom.

I am, however, still at a bit of a loss as to whether this wavelog is a good thing or not a good thing. I might be causing a loss of a long term reputation of myself by letting people know a lot about what I think and I do, or may be it is completely be other ways around.

The time will tell.

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