Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Reflections: Letter to the Guru

I have been corresponding with a local surfing guru for some time. This kind of give you some of the state of my mind right now. A bit deep may be but some of you may enjoy it.

Hey Guru;

It is very intersting to hear about your whole day.

You know... probabably don't. But whatever I do or whereever I go, whoever I try to associated with, I get very frustrated because they seem to think and do things so differently as I do. It is probably only the last couple of years that I have realized that it is not them but the cause is me. But somehow, I think that you are the same way, and probably many sufers are like that.

One example of this happend this week. On Monday, I saw a message at a local beach from some local saying "Whoever soliled our beach, you are not welcome here." Then I wrote to other people that I trust in this matter the fact and stated that I saw this and I agreed the nature of the issue, but this looked like a "hate" message. I got a couple of responses back from "socially responsbible" people that I am associated with, but their response was basically "way to go!" I was a bit (actually very) disappointed by this message. So I try to aligned with the people whom I trused and even then there was some differences in the thought, and I was almost ready to leave the group as a result of this.

Given the breadth of the worldly wisdom that you got, I think you probably can related to that. And when I discovered surfing that was just for me. I just go out and just mind my own thing and continue to challenge myself. I don't have to worry about not returning a nice Tennis shot or playing at the same Par with other golf buddies.

Then, on this trip, I rediscovered the teaching of The Buddha, and I did not even realize how deeply rooted that teaching within me.

The main thing is this. "When you go, you are going there just by yourself." and when I was surfing with just my shorts and a board in Maui, that's about the closest experience I can achive that. This was something that our neighbor priest told me all along, and I have totally forgotten about that one until now.

Well so much for the philosophy, but I really came to terms with what my life is all about and I am going to coninue to work to become a more refined person as a result of it.

On to surfing more!

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