Sunday, September 12, 2004

Session 4.175: Back at Home

Now I have surfed in Maui for two weeks, I wanted to check out what it would be like to surf back in our water. In contrast to "show up with a pair of board shorts" style in Maui. I had to put back on the black wet suit. I felt like I have not been wearing the wet suit for like a month or more. Also having the wetsuit means that I have to bring a tub and also a change mat. With just board shorts, I can swap them from wet to dry one just standing on a flip flop, but with the wet suit it is a bit more convenient to have a change mat and a tub.

The water today was about 59 F at the HMB buoy, which means that it is still on a higher end of the scale, what I would normally call "warm." But I sure noticed the difference when I get in. Even when I am used to it the first immersion into the water is almost painful. Once I get over that, there usually is no problem. Since I stopped wearing gloves, the first 10 minutes of a session give me painful fingers too, but then magically they losen up, probably the blood starts to fill back in.

Condition today was just junky with waves just closing out every where at the near-by beach I selected, but I was really glad to get back into the water and paddle out, practicing duck diving again, which I did not have to use in Maui.

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