Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Wind Waves to Hit Hard On Montara and LM! JETT is the best bet if you are desperate.

While it appears to be tapering down, close to 20 Ft wind waves have been recorded in HMB buoy, and Scripps map shows that off the cost of San Mateo is the hot bed for this wind activity unfortunately. The wind is continuing to be from the NW, so seeing the latest actual pattern from last week, JETT will not catch these waves much, if any, and there is a small South coming in. For just wave watching, Montara would be fun. Due to the wind and tide, sand at Montara has shifted so much that yesterday there was a 10-Ft sand cliff forming at the edge of the water. Presently the weather in HMB is low 40's and ground wind is 5.5 mph and sky is clear!

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