Saturday, June 07, 2003

Manresa Saturday

Now back from So Cal, I am back into the routine of surfing weekends in Santa Cruz with my friend Clio. Having seen the flat condition, I have suggested that we go to Manresa because usually this location is bigger and even closed out so on days like this on a 2-3 ft NW swells, it would work good. And it did. When we got there the tide was the lowest. Easy paddle out between sets and sets were about hip to chest highs all morning and early afternoon. We caught a bunch of good lefts just in front of the parking/stairs on our Mini Malibu boards. Clio had some take off problems early on, but I suggested that she paddle a bit harder and a bit longer and she corrected the problems. I tried both the soup start and real drop down starts and I did get a few good turning starts, which I am supposed to be working on. The day started out in a foggy condition but cleared away. Nice and warm early summer day for fun. Wish that the breaks lasted a bit longer so that we had longer rides, but it is always excellent way to learn solid take off and standing up, and do it as many times as possible.

On a days like this, a short board would have been just useless, and only people having fun were long boarders at this location.

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