Thursday, June 26, 2003

Surfing LM This Morning

The sun was out, the sky was clear and it was very warm already this
morning. The surf was hip high and easy paddle out (though I had a bit of
paddling problems this morning). Long boarders were catching bunch of waves.
The break were happening mainly around the Crespi area. So the lineup had
about dozen surfers at a time. Toward the north end there were some pop up
waves, I rode a few of those and these are actually quite fun.

At one point I saw a young woman accidentally pushed in and almost collided
to another guy. The guy has gotten angry and yelled at her with several
strong words, immediately after that she must have discouraged and left. I
really think that in this kind of baby wave beginner situation people should
not yell at people and the experts should look after them. I told her not to
worry about it. I though that was really out of place, he should have asked
if she was OK instead and tell her it may have not been cool to take off
kindly, and I wish I was Sunny Galicia then I would have given him a flat
hand for yelling at my sis. It might have ruined it for her for otherwise a
nice fun day to practice. Really too bad.

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