Sunday, June 15, 2003

Sunday Wrapup

It is interesting that this 8 ft NW swell is working out. Got an early start this morning to go to SC since low tide was at 6 a.m. this morning. On the way, I have seen what looks to be 1.5 to 2 x OVH waves at San Gregorio and Pomponio beaches. Through the cost of Pescadero the waves looked gnarly but not surfable. County line looked very clean and nice uniform waves that would have been great if I had a bit more skill level under my belt. Waddell started to look a bit too mellow for the location. In Santa Cruz around 7 am, the Lane looked mellow with only hip to chest high waves even at the point. We decided that we go to the 38th this morning and it was very mellow with very few and far between shoulder level waves. The early morning was great, and as the morning went on around 10 a.m. more people started to arrive making take-off spots more competitive.
We had a quick lunch, then headed out to north Manresa. We tried but by then the place was closed out, we only got out once and then were caught in very fast cresting waves and gave up.
We have not had much luck in finding good waves in the last couple of weeks. Looks like the spring is fully on, waiting for more South waves to come in more consistently. The expected NW did not do the magic. I am now a bit more spoiled because now I would like to have a bit better quality condition and longer rides, as take-offs have been less of an issue now, especially in these types of conditions.
My 7'6 has been fixed this week with the de-lamination issue taken care of and also had the tail fin end double-glassed. Cost $110!

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