Monday, June 23, 2003

Offshore Condition to Start on WED

I just checked the NWS forecast discussion and they are forecasting a change of wind direction into more offshore condition, which as we know is a much favorable condition. We are still getting a reasonable NW swells, so if this trend is to continue, by WED we have a good surfable condition at Linda Mar. (Crossing my fingers) I am a bit concerned about the South swells is supposed to come in towards WED and continue to hold on THU so I am hopeful that WED and THU, there will be some fun waves at the JETT. We also have some warming trend toward WED and THU so that will be great. After that we will be back into the foggy condition, but so long as there are waves, I don't care. Let's just hope that the wind will be a bit more reasonable to handle and the South stuff will keep coming!

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