Sunday, June 29, 2003

Need Your Professional Quality Surf Photo Taken? Talk to Tom and Juile Andersen

I ran into Tom & Julie Andersen at the Jetty. I was wondering what he was
doing parking a big camper van by the Jetty, climbing up the top of the van
and shooting pictures using a huge telephoto lens. This is a new venture by
them, taking picture of surfers up and down the coast and providing instant
framed pictures before you go home. Using their van as an office and photo
platform the couple take turns taking orders, getting you signed up in their
e-mail list, and of course taking great pictures (ask for the 20 ft wave
picture of Tom surfing in Hawaii!).

When you spot the van, just walk up and ask them to shoot your surf photo.
He has a high resolution digital SLR camera with a laptop and a high res
photo printer setup in the van. Before you put away your boards, your
pictures are ready already framed.

If you are curious about their results, check out their scrap book of all
the pictures taken in Hawaii to Mavericks.

To contact them, write to

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