Thursday, June 19, 2003

Surfing Linda Mar This Morning - Pretty Sucky

I knew it will be sucky this morning. The Jetty was totally not happening, and Montara looked already junky. Reached LM and only a few cars... bad sign. But for a heck I tried to go out. Just bunch of wind-wave washes coming in every 5 seconds mixed in with occasional shoulder high sets, but going out was almost impossible. My ducking is still fairly lame that I get off the board while under the water. Only a select few people made it out on the South end, but did not look like they got caught any good ones. Got out a few times, tried to catch some but caught nothing, got quite a good biceps workout, but had to gave up and left.
The current buoy readings are showing 11 ft size steep wind wells of 9 to 10 seconds in HMB. There still are just too much gusty winds out there to keep us away from surfing.

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