Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Wed AM Predictions. Late Spring Pattern to hold

We continue to have high NW winds throughout Nor Cal coasts, and at the same time there has not been much distant sources of surfable swells, and if there are any they are on the down trend in the last couple of days. Both Point Rays and HMB buoys are indicating STEEP waves of short periods ( < 6 seconds). Combined with these wind and localized wind waves that do not travel far, our beaches in SM should be junky with not very much ridable wave. Lots of small white washes will be expected. A quick check at the surfpulse cam also indicate that the conditions are extremely choppy and junky. Better re-wax your boards, repair dings, go watch a surf movie etc.
There has not been any major surf causing swells in North Pacific region and So hemi waves are still continuing to be weak.

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