Friday, June 13, 2003

Surf Movies

Went to see Brian Musal's surf movie show last night at Balboa in San Francisco. Prior to the movies we decided to visit a fairly new Chinese restaurant next to the theatre. A several of "surfer" types came in after we sat down, suddenly they started to leave the restaurant. One of the people said to the waitress to the effect of "You guys are disgusting for serving shark fin soup. Do you know what they do to sharks!" After they left the waitress came to talk to us that they do not use the big shark they are talking about but use small one or how can we offer the soup at this price ($5.99 per person) which is actually reasonable.
The surf movies are good. The main feature was "Driving Through Japan", and because I am from there, I have been a bit curious as to this movie. Also there was an article on the Surfer magazine about this. After watching the movie, we thought that this looked still like home movie without much stories. It could have involved/ included more locals and surf culture as it is happening in Japan.

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