Wednesday, June 25, 2003

THU AM Guesstimates Stoke Rating = 6

We have been treated with a summer with clear and sunny sky condition today and this trend will likely to continue through Friday, upon which we will be returning to the morning fog situation. The wind has stopped also as the 1024 mb high has moved NE corner of the state causing pressure gradient line to be more latitudinal. While N swells are mellow and promised S swells are not hitting very hard at all, we should be treated with fun and sunny surfing at LM and even Montara tomorrow AM.

Tomorrow's Stoke Rating 6 out of 10.

1 = Go fix your dings. Take care of your spouse or honey
2 = Go clean your board, pay bills
3 = Go put new wax on your board and put it on your car
4 = Go and check it out
5 = Go and have fun anyways
6 = Go have fun
7 = Stoke for some fun
8 = More stoked than 7
9 = More stoked than 8
10 = Prefect Stoke, Cannot get any better than this.

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