Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Wind reduction on track

Just checked both Nor Cal NDBC buoys and HMB downtown wind levels (6 knots@sea and 2 MPH downtown HMB), as predicted by the NWS, the winds are down significantly compare to Wed. The NOAA Pacific wave model confirms the approaching of the S hemi swells to our area. Period is in 15-17 second range. Waves@HMB are starting to record average to swell level as opposed to all steep waves yesterday so things are really calming down at the moment. Based on my experience this morning at LM tomorrow we should expect a better surfable morning in LM as well as some possibly good gentle surfing day at the Jetty. The 1000 mb High that has sat off our coast is now moving towards North and with the warming trend here, the thermal is relaxing quite a bit now.

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