Sunday, April 24, 2005

Session 5077

This morning, the S wind has gone down to only 4 knots so I was more hopeful that local breaks would be more fun. Also, my wife wanted to walk around by the ocean so I decided to surf Miramar this morning, and that was right on. The waves were mellow and rolling kind out on the sand bar, and I caught a bunch of real fun waves. This is a finicky spot and usually never good but there are some rare occasions that this spot does create some fun waves, and the reward of this is that I can go get the coffee and snack at the Ebb Tide café right at the beach.

The waves were about shoulder high with occasional head level size. As usual with other Half Moon Bay beach breaks, they tend to close out faster, but that's a welcome situation as that will be perfect for me to horn the take off skills, and yes, I am continuing to make more improvements, and even if I come in a bit too late, I will try to paddle myself out of the wave and that also works too often. Also I am working at the limit of my present capabilities that there were some take offs that resulted in going over the falls scenarios too.

Like yesterday, the current was horrendous and in no time I was in front of the Miramar inn when I took off from in front of the bridge. When I arrived at the lineup, I tried to hold onto my position by paddling against the current, but that was totally non-effective because as soon as I quite paddling, I was floating right back. If I did not do anything, I would reach the jetty in the next 10 minutes or less. So when I am aligned at the restaurant I catch a wave all the way to the shore and walked a long way back toward the bridge and repeated the process.

I repeated this many times and I caught a lot of waves. In fact catching the wave was not a problem this morning, as there were just one break after another, especially during the early part of the session, then the tide finally filled in completely, hitting the rock wall then starting to bounce back, resulting in the typical bouncy condition that happens a lot in our area.

By then I spotted my wife watching me, so I got out, asked her to buy me the coffee and a cake, sat down and relaxed a bit. Then headed back.

I could have gone to Montara today, but due to the Dream Machines, I decided not to venture north of the airport. Stoke 8 for catching a lot of waves.

Speaking of the dram machines, I did fill two major dings on my Fish this weekend and also repaired a rock chip that developed on one of the fins during the Trestles trip (hint, don't belly ride all the way to the shore there. A fin will hit a rock and you either chip it or loose it, sorry but I was too spoiled using the sand break technology in beach breaks around here.).

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