Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Session 5072

If I am an animal I am more likely leading the way of a dog than a cat. Basically if someone throw a ball, I would be the kind I would go and run and catch it. The same way with me as for the waves, I still do go for it no matter what the condition is, and this morning was a good example. It was a super low tide and the waves were not very good at all, but since the ocean is there in front of me, I did go. So it definitely was on a sucky category this morning as waves were just closing on me all over the places, and then when paddling out I was being thrashed back and forth.

These types of surfing conditions actually teaches me a few things. This morning, as the tide started to come up, I saw the condition improving and I had a better choice of breaks to pick from.

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