Thursday, April 14, 2005

Session 5074

I was afraid that the tide would be really too low to do any surfing at all this morning at the Jetty, but to my surprise there were plenty of waves to be had. They were not much bigger than the mid chest high waves, but my local buddy and I was catching so many fun little waves, we lost the count. As the tide came in the shape of the wave started to form better, but then it was time for us to leave. But also at the same time the wind started to pick up, and by the time I got back home, it was howling big time. My neighbor's garbage can was all blown over too.

Next week, I will be swimming the balmy 80 F water at Colorado Springs YMCA each night, while during the day; I need to take software training course all week. I will try to fit in DPs until Sunday morning and that's it for the rest of the week until the following Saturday. Swimming practice there is very interesting because it is basically mile up in the altitude and it sure gives breathing challenges. No wonder why they got the US Olympics training center right there too.

Some additional part of surfing that I have started to working on this past few sessions are (1) Focus, and (2) Take time making each move. I often do things in haste from paddling out to taking off and not giving enough time for each of the motion that I need to make. For example, I really go in haste when waves are coming one after another and really want to get out fast. What started to work better is just keep focused on getting out, and don't even worry about getting out. Instead I take deep breath each stroke and stay being focused on keeping even stroking paddle. When I do this, I have much easier time getting out. Same with when taking off, if I try too hard to get up and turn, I tend not do well. Instead, if I focus a bit on each move successful I am making and don't care so much even about taking off, then I often realize how much time I actually had to set up for a pop up and turning? almost like the time is moving at a slower pace.

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