Saturday, April 09, 2005

Session 5068: Big Swell Day @ JTY

With the note on big NW swells filling in plus a big NW wind going at the same time, and with a limited time this morning that prevented me from going to SC, I opted for the Jetty. I waited around until 10:00 AM when the tide would get a big higher. I was not expecting much, and thinking that we will have basically junky closed out conditions, but from the parking area, it did not look too bad for the swells.

I went in, the paddling out was a bit of a hell but I did make to the outside and then had a few rides. But paddling out was so hard that in one hour session, I have basically exhausted all of my strength I had. Duck diving is a good technique, but it does still expend a lot of energy getting out even on a short 6'6 length board!

I am hoping that tomorrow Sunday, the situation will ease a bit more than today to give me some better rides and I am going back to check the Jetty again.

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