Monday, April 04, 2005

Session 5063: First Evening Glass Off of the Season!

I had a busy morning, but today is the first day of DST, so I was able to fit in an evening glass-off session before hitting home. The waves were small, on the average up to about chest with occasional shoulder level stuff. But, I was glad I took out the Fish board and it was a blast. I was just riding one wave after another, and there were so many to ride! As I paddled out there were more sets to ride coming immediately. I have to paddle a bit hard to get into the wave, but it was really a good practice to get up on the board very fast, and the rewards for getting up fast on the board are longer quality rides. If I'd be late on the board by 2 seconds, that makes a big difference whether I can continue the ride or stall out. But once I am up on the board, even on these small waves, with the help of a wider and flatter fish board, I can still set a line and glide right along the puny walls. It is like riding a miniature long board on miniature scale waves, and that is a lot of fun; like racing on a go-cart.

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