Saturday, April 16, 2005

Session 5075

I had a long day ahead of me to drive and tour around the Sebastopol and Guerneville area for the rest of the day, so I had to opt for a short local session this morning to a local beach.

The buoy was indicating the sign of the spring upwelling, at 51 degrees F, and also the wind was already kicking in even at 8:00 AM when the park opened, and the sky was foggy indicating the start of the summer like pattern, and of course nobody at the beach, and of course nobody was in the water either.

The waves were breaking irregularly and not in specific spot or any really surfable shape at all, but if I am committed to go for a 60 minutes session.

Even on these kind of small days, the beach break here is still big that I had to carefully time my entry, and then I dash out. Then I had to paddle out through a field of rough sea before I arrive at the calm of the outside, but this time the outside was just that, without any real breaks, so then I paddle back in a bit.

With the improvement in take off timing, I was catching a few fast inside breaks but the rides were only 5-6 seconds each. But I did not give up and turn back immediately for more, and paddled back and forth the beach to locate the potential better breaks.

So I still was happy I did go.

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Anonymous said...

hi. i wanted to say hi. i searched for the jetty in half moon bay, because i want to check it out and bodyboard there before i head back down to LA (where i schooled). i came across your page when i ran the search on google. good beans. anyway, later

krisk82 at yahoo dot come