Friday, July 30, 2004

Session 4.140: Friday Evening. Crowded, Stoke 5

This morning, I did check but it was so flat everywere that I just headed straight to the office. But as the day progressed a new set of NW swells started to come in so we were hopeful, so I got out at 6:45 PM this evening, and boy it was crowded. Laura and Irene was also there.

I took the 6'6 out this evening since I have been riding 7'6 for the last everal sessions, and also the beach breaks were forming still closer to the shore. I saw a few good people doing good short board manuevers. With bunch of expert long boarders in the mix it was difficult to find a good take-off spot. I did catch several waves but in terms of the quality of the rides, it was not that great, they were short.

The problems are that I am still not fast with my moves to do faster ups and downs on the wave like other better people were doing. This is the area that I need to work on, however, I think I am making a gradual progress in this area, now that my take offs are much more confidnet in any size boards.

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