Saturday, July 17, 2004

Session 4.129: Nice Mellow S. Swells. Fun!

We had a nice mellow morning session this morning with Laura, Irene, Erick and myself. Plus Mike, Ed, Dana from the Surfriders joining. Great morning, sunshine and no wind. Gentle S. Swells are throwing chest highs on the N end of the beach with hardly anyone else around. I started with my Fish and glad to find out that I can still catch waves and stand on the board! I was very relieved about that one. I brought the Doyle Foamy and let Irene use it for a while. She was doing great too with it. Of course, Laura was catching one wave after another. I think I am now noticing that more active people are with the StokeMaster message board and focusing about the surfing skills, they tend to get better faster.
At the middle of the session I brought out the DT4 and I did not surf much with it. Then Irene stopped riding the foam so I switched to that, instantly I was taking big long rides on the mellow waves. It is really a fun board for these kind of slow and mellow day.
We were all smiling and going for the same wave together in a party-wave fashion and we all had a real blast, and it is one aspect of surfing that is really enjoyable!
We all went back to HMB and had Fish tacos and bunch of other fried fish items, and for me, over a Corona. What a good way to finish up a session!

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