Thursday, July 29, 2004

Session 4.139: Afternoon Glass Off? Stoke 5

Now I got a Ren replacement! It used to be that I would get a recruiting call from Ren late in the afternoon.... "Hi, Ren.... Um.... yes... I did. It was.... yes... yeah, was okay... yes.... me now? Alright, I will be there in 30 min." So I often put two sessions in a day. So it was Amanda calling this afternoon (well actually, I said I will so it is not so bad like Ren's calls).

Now I pull in and get back into wet wet suit and booties.

It is always amazing that even though the buoy reading has not changed that much, the wave quality has "gone down" and we were forced to surf on these near shore hip highs. But, again, I am telling you, there were some good surfers out there extracting every juice out of the waves.

I took out the Doyle to just enjoy and relax and I caught a fair share number of the waves too. I must report that with the added skill set under my hips, I can still make fairly long rides.

And this is something I wanted to write in this morning's WavLog, but forgotten. The overall length of rides have really been gotten longer in these recent sessions. I can tell because there are several people in line ups and I know they did not take the rides, and it is now always quite a bit of paddle back to get back to where they are.

As always though, it is always a worthwhile experience to get in the water, paddle around, enjoy being immersed in the overall nature, and come out all exhausted! Plus having a company is always fun!

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