Thursday, July 01, 2004

Session 4018: Sotke 7.5, But Still Not Bad! 100-seconds per hour sessions now regular!

People must have gotten really picky lately since there were not very many people surfing this morning, or may be they have all switched to kiteboarding or something. Just for a change and with a sign of small S swells, I checked out HMB but was not anything I would enjoy catching.
Last night when I pulled into my garage, I have decided that tomorrow would be smaller, so I took down the DT4 and put the foamy back on. Then before the bed pack tomorrow's office cloths in the duffel bag and packed it, put the computer in the bag and put both bags in the car, set the alarm to 5:30 and went to sleep. This works out much better since I tend to be crankier in the morning so I want to make my take-off preparations as simple as possible.
In spite of my thinking though we still had some occasional good overhead breaks this morning.
I was thinking that for the length of rides I am getting in recent sessions, a minimum 100-seconds per hour of surfing is now in the realm of things. Probably more. I should have Wendy come with me and have her clock how many seconds of rides I am getting. When the competition time comes though the better surfers will put in 100 seconds easy in a 15-20 minutes heat!
On not directly related to surfing, Cafe Nona's will be opening a bakery in the same shopping center! That will be great since he makes such a good apple pie and other good stuff. It is related to surfing to the extent that we will soon have a very attractive alternative to my post-session coffee and sweets. I told him to make sure that he is open by 7:00 and he said he will, so that will be perfect!

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