Monday, June 07, 2004

Sessions 4101, 4102, and 4103: Big Sur Camping Weekend and Santa Cruz

Sand Dollar Surfing Experience
The Sand Dollar beach is breath-taking magnificent cove with very clear water. With clear sky and warm weather it was a really great place to be. Having practically no phone, TVs, radios, computers, it was really a great getaway too.
This was my first time surfing at Sand Dollar beach, and it is a big bay and also the sand bottom goes fairly further out so there are outside breaks and inside breaks. I can see a potential.
When we got there on Friday morning (6/4) the waves were mushy but breaking nicely in the "outside" and that looked like quite a bit of paddling to get there. We were not able to surf until the late Friday afternoon, by then a lot of wind swells started to come in and got junkier. We found a bit protected area toward the S end of the cove and surfed there. Definitely not a clean condition, but then we had the whole beach to basically ourselves, so that was really great. I actually caught a lot of waves, and it was a great practice to catch these types of semi-closeouts.
Couple of things I am starting to understand better:
1. Faster stand-up, and
2. Tail weighting.
We went back again on Sat morning and also it was even worse condition than Friday. But again, it was kind of fun to learn how to catch these closeout waves. Jocelyn's boyfriend, Dane who has been surfing quite a bit longer than all of us have been did hit the outside and had a few great rides. I was still a bit intimidated to paddle out that far. But in the retrospect, I should have.
For Sunday, the wind kicked up to 35-40 knots range in the Big Sur. We were continuing to enjoy the drive back but everywhere we looked there was a lot of wind. At one cliff, this man was about to be blown off the cliff, with his cloth all blow like a parachute.... at least what it was looking like.
Stopped in SC for a few hours of surfing, but the tide came way up by so we decided to go to the Sea Bright Brewery and I had an IPA. That hit the spot.

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