Thursday, June 03, 2004

Session 4100! Definitely Feeling the S. Swells

Well, because we will have a bit of a trip tomorrow, I almost was leaning towards not going out this afternoon. When drove past Linda Mar on the way to home the waves were much smaller than yesterday. Could have been fun there, but when I saw the waves, I decided "Heck, let's go home and just relax a bit, have a nice dinner, perhaps a nice bath, then go to bed."
Then I hit the Jetty. The entire bay was so vibrant, I had to turn the left blinker on and there, I am unloading my fish from the top of my car, and going.
I ended up surfing there for only about an hour. Sure the swells were in, bigger sets were head high, but closing out rather fast and big and too close to the shore. It is not good to be pounded here, so I tried to catch a few waves but then I said hell with it so I got out.
So that was my 100th day of surfing this year, wish it was a bit better to write about. But that's surfing for you.

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