Thursday, June 24, 2004

Session 4112: Pearling on Hip High Puny Waves!

Surfed at a location in HMB, not too far from the Jetty...

Waves were so puny this lunch time... up to hip high on the average and to
the chest max sets. There were nobody out surfing except for a few
bodyboarding grommettes, of course, until someone saw me catching lots of
small waves on my Doyle board then suddenly 4 more surfers showed up... time
to pull out.

This always happens, don't underestimate these puny south swell waves. They
still got a lot of power left in them after surviving the 5000 mile journey
from New Zealand to the Highway 1. You can still pearl, and actually you
will pearl more on these tiny waves trying to take off. The key seems to be
early paddle in building a good momentum, quick flick up and then immediate
tail weighting then quick weight shifting forward. Good practice for faster
and bigger waves that will come in the fall and winter.

Go and practice catching one wave after another in a sunny nice afternoon in

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