Thursday, June 03, 2004

Session 4099: What a Mess and Gnearly Condition at LM + 1 More Day for 100 Days!

Kind of lazied-out for writing the WaveLog yesterday. Hooked with Anna in the afternoon at LM. I suggested we go to the Jetty then we got there she wanted to get back to LM, so we were back there. It was rather messy and gnarly condition. Of course there were a few better suffers having fun in the condition, but there were so much white water after another it was not fun to get out even ducking through. Stoke was 4. But it was a good exercise for my arms!
I tried to ride a few of these junky waves, after tiring out my arms that was it, so we both called it for a day, and instead we went to Nona's Cafe and had a good dinner! Stoke 10 for the dinner segment.
This afternoon, I am going to go out again for the Day 100 of my surfing this year... or should I reserve it for Big Sur. Well I am going to drive down The 1 on the way back from work and the waves will decide!

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