Monday, June 28, 2004

Session 4114: Manresa, Stoke 8

This morning, Wendy and I decided to drive down the cost until we find a nice beach with good breaks. We stopped at San Gregorio and the waves looked OK but it was a bit windy, so moved on. Nothing notable at Waddell and already a few kite people were out there so we kept driving... Scotts creek also looked fun. But still windy so I decided to go to the trusty Manresa, and that was a good choice. The wind there was much calmer and the weather was hot. The sets were almost up to above shoulder occasionally and not too fast breaking. Manresa seems to take these NW wind swells fairly well.
Another good feature there is that the life guards occasionally round people up and ask them to play in front of their booth so that tends to clear out the area for surfers to have fun.
I am not going to use the foamy for a while, since it was so easy to catch waves and I was again catching 20 or more waves. It was so tiring because every time I go for a wave, I catch it, and get long rides then paddle back again... by the time I am back out, more good sets came in so I got to catch them all! I probably caught more waves than almost anyone else in the entire beach! Still, though, I caught more lefts than rights.
I just got home, unladed the foamy and now put back the Takayama on top. We will see if there will be any differences tomorrow morning!

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