Thursday, February 19, 2004

Session 4018: The Helment *should have* helped.

A bit of draw back happened this morning. I got in this morning. The was
still pretty rough and disorganized. Nothing really big, not much bigger
than shoulder size. The on-shore wind was a bit strong through, may be 10-20

I paddled to the out side no problem. I took my first ride and then dipped
down. I saw the board so I was ready to grab it. It momentarily disappeared
then the rail hit my right cheek really hard. My nose was bleeding rather
hard, so as I try to get back in, the board was all bloody mess. There is a
huge hump on my right cheek now with a couple of minor cuts on my nose and

If I had a helmet on, it could have helped at it covered the cheek.

A lesson learend. I am always going to wear it.

Another lesson, if you don't see your board, duck under.

Stoke: -1


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