Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Session 4013: More Dumpy Morning. Cold Day, Warm(er) Water. Stoke Level 4

I have an outside temperature gauge in my car. This morning, it was indicating 41F outside on the way to the beach. But once in the water, it is 53F. So it is sometimes warmer to be in the water than being out of it.
This week, I made a commitment to myself to use the 7'0 board. So this is the third day out with the short board. The swell was 6 ft 14 sec from NW, so I was a bit hopeful, but the condition was still dumpy and with a few of us out there, most of us were not taking off, or even after taking off, immediately eaten up. The sky was clear and no wind. But the tide was low that did not help improve the condition from being dumpy. Even though I didn't catch many waves, it is so nice and quiet, and so paddling around was very good.
Looks like the similar sell condition to hold for a few more days. Tomorrow, I should start earlier since the tide would be higher then.

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