Thursday, February 19, 2004

Session 4018: After Action Report

Well, I made myself to the work. Of course, starting from the outside "cigarette packs" to people on the way to the cube, a series of "what happened" questions. By now my right eye was half closed and the bottom of the eye is becoming "black." The general consensus at the office was "better see a doctor."
So I went to my surf emergency headquarters, the Seaton Coastside for my second surfing accident. After 4 shots of X-ray, it became obvious that I slightly broke the bridge of my nose. Other than that there is nothing needed to be done. Released, picked up some anti-biotic I am writing this now.  for the gruesome picture after the treatment.
After coming home I attended a lecture held by Wendy, it was educational.
For those sent me a note, thanks. I am in a very good spirit and I will be back in the water this weekend for sure!

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